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Premier Tax and Business Solutions offers a varied suite of services poised to suit the needs of individuals and small business owners.  Choose from an array of services to fit your specific needs. Feel free to contact us to inquire about any of the services offered. Premier Tax & Business Solutions offers consultations to assist in developing a customized service solution for your personal or business financial needs.

Tax Preparation
  • Income tax preparation for individuals and companies

  • Non-profit Tax Preparation

  • Quarterly Returns

  • Schedule C for small businesses

  • Amendment for current or previously filed tax returns

  • Tax Planning to identify credits and liabilities

  • Record keeping for small to midsize companies

  • Process and manage financial paperwork

  • Handle company purchases, receipts, sales, and payments

  • Generate invoices for customers

  • Manage day to day logistics of a business

  • Record business transactions for a business to report company performance

  • Examine statements to ensure accuracy

  • Inspect company books and accounting systems

  • Improve business efficiency and enhancing revenue by providing operational processes

  • ​Determine the cost to hire employees, freelancers, and contractors

  • Help a company to understand factors such as gross wages, benefits, social security and Medicare, and tax withholdings.

  • Understand the needs of the business in regards to Payroll and its cost

  • Why start a business vs. being an employee

  • Different business entities and how they affect your business

  • Business planning and preparation

  • Cost of doing business

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